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Estimation, simulation, and experimentation of a fall from bed

Brian W. Schulz, PhD, et al.

Figure. Simulation of (a) two-dimensional (2-D), (b) three-dimensional (3-D), and (c) entire fall.

Computer simulations of crash tests are common, but this technology has rarely been applied to falls. Here, we present simulations of a crash test dummy falling from bed to determine which initial conditions made the simulated head deceleration most similar to the real fall. Improving impact position and fall direction both improved results. Simulating the entire fall instead of only the impact further improved results but required far more setup and processing. Accurate initial conditions are crucial to accurate simulations. Simulations should be validated to experimental data before being used to extrapolate findings beyond what is experimentally practical or possible.

Volume 45 Number 8, 2008
   Pages 1227 — 1236

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