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Validity and reliability of a system to measure passive tissue characteristics of the lumbar region during trunk lateral bending in people with and people without low back pain

Sara P. Gombatto, PhD, PT, et al.

Figure. Marker locations and measurements for deriving stiffness of lumbar region in vivo during trunk lateral bending (frontal plane view).

Low back pain affects a large proportion of people at some point in their lives. Several investigators have reported that a person's dysfunctional movement strategies may contribute to a chronic or recurrent low back pain problem. Understanding how low back stiffness may contribute to these dysfunctional movement strategies will help practitioners select appropriate strategies to treat low back pain. The current article describes the accuracy and repeatability of measurements of low back stiffness in people with and people without low back pain.

Volume 45 Number 9, 2008
   Pages 1415 — 1430

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