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Building on residual speech: A portable processing prosthesis for aphasia

Marcia C. Linebarger, PhD, et al.

Figure. Handheld Customization Tool used by person with aphasia to download a message to portable device.

Studies have shown that some individuals with mild-to-moderate aphasia can produce more grammatical and informative speech with SentenceShaper®, a computerized language prosthesis, than they can without assistance and that use of the system can lead to treatment effects. Because SentenceShaper differs markedly from other communication aids, it has unique strengths and weaknesses as an assistive aid for community use. We report on the development of a new portable extension of SentenceShaper called SentenceShaper To Go™ and discuss the factors motivating its design. Preliminary data suggest ways to help persons with mild-to-moderate aphasia communicate while maximizing their use of retained linguistic abilities.

Volume 45 Number 9, 2008
   Pages 1401 — 1414

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