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Gender differences in spectral and entropic measures of erector spinae muscle fatigue

Paul S. Sung, PhD, DHSc, PT, et al.

Figure. Gender differences in median frequency (MF) slope of the low backmuscles.

Numerous studies compare the fatigability of back muscles for men versus women. However, the spectral measures of electromyography (EMG) of back muscle fatigue do not consistently demonstrate endurance levels. In this comparative study, we investigated the gender differences exhibited by entropy and power spectrum measures of EMG time series for subjects with low back pain. The Shannon (information) entropy of the time series quantifies the degree of "noisiness" of the signal. The entropy values for the lumbar part of the erector spinae muscle were higher for males than for females.

Volume 45 Number 9, 2008
   Pages 1431 — 1440

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