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Volume 45 Number 9, 2008
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Fron the Editor’s Desk

Thank you to JRRD reviewers

Photo of Stacieann C. Yuhasz
Photo of Johanna L. Gribble
Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD;
Johanna L. Gribble, MA

The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) has accomplished much in the past year, but as always, we must start by thanking the 227 reviewers and the wonderful members of the JRRD Editorial Board who volunteered their time and knowledge to review each submission. Without their collective support and enthusiasm, JRRD production would grind to a halt. We must also thank our readership for their continued support as we worked to reestablish the new and improved version of the JRRD Web site, which is available at http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/jour/jourindx.html. Journal submission and production remained uninterrupted during the Web transition period, and we wish to thank all those who continue to submit articles through Manuscript Central (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jrrd).

We will be implementing several new features to JRRD beginning in 2009, most of which are based on best practice guidelines for publication ethics (Graf C, Wager E, Bowman A, Fiack S, Scott-Lichter D, Robinson A. Best practice guidelines on publication ethics: A publisher's perspective. Int J Clin Pract. 2007 ;61(s152):1-26). At JRRD, we are very interested in providing solid editorial practices bolstered by good decisions, so as to effectively mitigate any potential financial, intellectual, and political interests that may compete with the dissemination of sound rehabilitation science and practice. The first new feature in each published article will be a section on specific author contributions. This feature, in addition to the current requirement for itemizing funding sources, will provide additional transparency for the JRRD readership. These author descriptions will be published in an abbreviated form at the end of each article to make it clear how each author was involved in the production of the work. For example, categories such as "Conceived and designed the experiments," "Patient recruitment," "Data collection," "Data analysis," "Prepared the manuscript," and "Statistical support" will be followed by the initials of each applicable author. In addition, during the proofing of all JRRD articles, all authors are required to sign off on the final article to assure full transparency among the persons submitting the article and to record the acknowledgment that all listed authors are aware of the subsequent publication and article content.

Following the example of such leading journals as Addiction, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, and the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, JRRD will be adopting a stricter conflict-of-interest disclosure policy for its authors beginning January 1, 2009. This policy will require authors to disclose financial ties for the 3 years prior to submission, i.e., direct employment, grants and research funding, and speaking fees, to cite a few examples. We will be following the Center for Science in the Public Interest's "Model Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guideline for Scientific and Medical Journals," available at http://www.cspinet.org/integrity/guidelines.html. Specific instructions will be included in the Guidelines for Contributors available on the JRRD Web site and from the main log-on page for the Manuscript Central Web site (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jrrd).

Also starting with the first issue in 2009, JRRD will announce a general Call for Papers in each issue. For example, we are currently interested in papers related to Rehabilitation Clinical Trials, Assistive Technology, and Rehabilitation Capacity for the Future. Please do not feel limited by this feature because we will always welcome suggestions and submissions from our readers.

Finally, JRRD will run a series of guest editorials on topics of interest to rehabilitation professionals. We will start with several articles on biostatistics featuring the specific usage and relevance to rehabilitation medicine and tailored to also be useful to nonstatisticians.

Additionally this upcoming year, JRRD will feature single-topic issues that include a section on dsyphagia, current research into traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury and pain, and cutting-edge prosthesis research outcomes based on a comprehensive veterans survey spanning the eras of the Vietnam War to Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Also, anybody interested in editing a single-topic issue for 2010 or 2011 should contact the editor as soon as possible.

Again, we wish to thank all who volunteer their time and expertise to continue to keep JRRD excellent. We hope to continue to expand upon these relationships and cultivate new ones. As always, we welcome your input. Thank you.

Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD
Editor, JRRD
Johanna L. Gribble, MA
Technical Writer-Editor, JRR

Staff of JRRD at the Baltimore Inner Harbor 2008
JRRD staff. Front row (left to right): Arthur Parker, Maryn Rosenberg, Rodney Baylor, Celeste T. Anderson, Stacieann C. Yuhasz, Lisa Finklea. Back row (left to right): Dore Mobley, Nick Lancaster, Robert O. Williams, Lloyd Tinker, Johanna L. Gribble, James McAnany, Rebecca Torres, Neil McAleer, Marguerite M. Montes. Not pictured: Charlotte M. Irby.

JRRD Peer Reviewers in 2008


Michael Crossland


Kalpana Gupta


Henry L. Lew

Gary Abrams


Eric D. Crown


Ranjan Gupta


Lauren Lieberman

Kenneth Adams


Roger Cummings


Jerilyn Logemann

Roger Anderson


Helen Lu

Jan Andrysek


David Armstrong




Michael Armstrong




Bryan Hains


Maureen Ashe


Teresa Damush


Aldric Hama




Christine Detrembleur


Laurie Harkness


Marianne Mathewson-Chapman


Michael DeVivo


Tara Healy


Gary McCullough


W. Dalton Dietrich


Ian Hentall


Brendan McHugh

Judith Babcock-Parziale


Michael Dillon


Stefan Hesse


Arthur Miller

Mohammad Bayat


Angela Drake


Helen Hoenig


Stephan Milosavljevic

Deborah Becker


Charles Drebing


Han Houdijk


Miriam Morey

Gina Bertocci


Kendra Betz


Philip Blatt


Mary Eaton


Cynthia Ingraham


Greg Nemunaitis

John Bowker


William Ebben


Kathryn Nicholson Perry

Lisa Brenner


Laura Edsberg


Brian Noga

David Brienza


Alberto Espay




Cecilia Norrbrink

Cynthia Brown


Mark Jensen


Jonathan Norton

Cathleen Buckon




Pouran Faghri







Elizabeth Felix


Claire Kalpakjian


Nicolas Olivier

Evan Call


Stephen Figoni


Robert Kane


Kutay Ordu Gokkaya

Jack Callaghan


Stan Finkelstein


Mark Kaplan


John Otis

James Campbell


Shirley Fitzgerald


Patricia Karg


Marie-Christine Ouellet

Margaret Campbell


Donald Fletcher


Douglas I. Katz


Diana Cardenas


Sylvia Ford


Kenton Kaufman


Susan M. Carlton


James Foto


Bryan Kemp


Giselle Carnaby Mann


Louis French


Caroline Kendall



Kenneth Ciuffreda


Stacy Fritz


Robert Kerns


Paul F. Pasquina

Edward Clancy


Erin Klein


Janet Patterson

David Clark


Glenn Klute


Jon Pearlman

Gregory Clark


Regina Konz


Karen L. Perell-Gerson

J. David Clark


Andrei Krassioukov


Mark Pitkin

W. Darrin Clouse




David E. Krebs


Matthew Plow

Emmanuel Collins


Robert Gailey


Vladimir Kulyukin


Prudence Plummer-D'Amato

Rose Collins


David Ganz


Neil Postans

Patricia Constantini


Steven A. Gard


François Potdevin

Ian J. Cook


Kathryn Garrett


Rory Cooper


Jan Geertzen




Sylvie Coupaud


Sudip K. Ghosh


Eugene Lai



James L. Coyle


Ronald Gironda


Michelle Lange


Linda J. Resnik

William Craelius


Lance Goetz


Richard Lauer


J. Scott Richards

A. Craig


Naomi Goodman


Cathy Lazarus


Stacie Ringleb

Michael Craine


Gerald Grass


James Leonard


Joshua Rolock

David Crandell


Roxann Gross


Charles Levy


Keith Rome


Michael Rosen


Laura Stone




Erik Wolf

Robert L. Ruff


Siobhan Strike


Rodney D. Vanderploeg


Man Sang Wong


Stephen Sprigle


Lucas van der Woude


Istvan Stadler


Stefan van Drongelen




Bonnie Steele


Linda van Roosmalen


Jacqueline Sagen


Stephanie Studenski



David Sanderson


Jelena Svircev


Yu-To Yasokawa

Henning Schmidt


Robert P. Yezierski

Lawrence Schneider




Staciann Yuhasz

Joel Scholten




Mark Walker


Ronald A. Schuchard


Ina Tarkka


Mitchell Wallin


Brian W. Schulz


James S. Thomas


Susan Waltzman


Ava D. Segal


Raymond Trybus


Claude Wasterlain



Tiffany Shubert


Aaron P. Turner


Yuriko Watanabe


Min Zhao

Philip Siddall


Gerald Weisman


Joel Ziev

Brian Smith


John Whyte


Angelika Zissimopoulos

Douglas Smith


Eva G. Widerstrom-Noga


Andrea Spehar




Richard Wilson


Gretchen Stephens


Jack Uellendahl


Sara Wilson


Margaret Stineman


Philip M. Ullrich


Sandra (Hubbard) Winkler



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