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Evidence-based systematic review: Oropharyngeal dysphagia behavioral treatments. Part III-Impact of dysphagia treatments on populations with neurological disorders

John Ashford, PhD, et al.

Many veteran patients experience dysphagia because of neurological illnesses or injuries such as brain injury, stroke, or Parkinson disease. The type of treatment the speech-language pathologist provides to improve a patient's swallowing function depends on the cause, type, and severity of dysphagia. In this article, we review evidence from seven behavioral treatment approaches for individuals with neurologically induced dysphagia. Although the number of studies is limited, some positive evidence has been found for the effects of these treatments on various swallowing outcomes. Findings from this review will support Department of Veterans Affairs providers engaging in evidence-based clinical decision making.

Volume 46 Number 2, 2009
   Pages 195 — 204

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