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Dynamic interface pressure distributions of two transtibial prosthetic socket concepts

Tim Dumbleton, BSc, et al.

Figure. View inside prosthetic socket.

Two prosthetic socket concepts (hand-cast and pressure-cast) are in regular use in prosthetic clinics. A key factor in the success of treatment is the interface pressure between the prosthetic socket and residual limb. We investigated and compared the dynamic interface pressure distribution of hands-off and hands-on transtibial prosthetic systems by means of pressure mapping. Interface pressures were found to have similar distributions for these two different casting concepts. This finding would suggest that both types of prosthetic socket can provide equally good comfort. Facilities may specialize in only one of the socket concepts, and knowing that their choice of specialization does not in itself affect the prospect for success of prosthetic treatment is important.

Volume 46 Number 3, 2009
   Pages 405 — 416

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