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One hundred patients treated with osseointegrated transfemoral amputation prostheses – Rehabilitation perspective

Kerstin Hagberg, RPT, PhD; Rickard Brånemark, MD, PhD

Figure. Example of osseointegrated prosthesis with soft tissue support andattachment device.

Treatment for bone-anchored prostheses using osseointegration has been performed in Sweden since 1990. Treatment comprises two surgery sessions followed by rehabilitation with gradually increased prosthetic activity. The total treatment period is about 12 months. We present the development of the rehabilitation protocol and an overview of the results. To date, 100 patients with transfemoral amputations, mostly because of trauma or tumor, have been treated. The majority of failures belong to patients treated before we established the current rehabilitation protocol. By reducing the number of socket-related problems, this treatment can make everyday life easier for an increasing number of patients with amputations.

Volume 46 Number 3, 2009
   Pages 331 — 344

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