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A new option for amputees: Transplantation of the hand

Christina L. Kaufman, PhD, et al.

Figure. Patient 4 stacking objects at day 26 posttransplant.

The advancements in prosthetics are truly remarkable. However, people living with amputation of the hand should be aware of another option. In Louisville, Kentucky, we are recruiting patients for a clinical trial of composite tissue allotransplantation of the hand. We have performed the only 5 hand transplants in the United States out of a total of 44 transplants that have been performed worldwide. Our patients are doing well and enjoying life with their transplanted hand/forearm. Significant risks are associated with this procedure that must be understood. Hand transplantation is not for everyone, but it is an option that can be considered by select patients.

Volume 46 Number 3, 2009
   Pages 395 — 404

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