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Lower-limb amputee needs assessment using multistakeholder focus-group approach

Glenn K. Klute, PhD, et al.

Figure.Key outcomes of Codesign sessions on improving prosthetic foot and ankle.

We are rightly concerned about translating research from the bench to the bedside; how concerned are we about translating needs from the bedside to the bench? We held a 2-day needs-assessment workshop, with veteran lower-limb prosthetic users, clinicians, researchers, and prosthetic device manufacturers in attendance. Ideas to refine socket and suspension systems, prosthetic feet and ankles, prosthesis alignment, and remote monitoring systems all emerged as areas in which next generation prostheses might improve the lives of all amputees. Education and mentoring might also play a role in improving lives by providing a better understanding of the recovery path following amputation.

Volume 46 Number 3, 2009
   Pages 293 — 304

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