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Volume 46 Number 3, 2009
   Pages 345 — 360

Abstract – On the way to total integration of prosthetic pylon with residuum

Mark Pitkin, PhD

Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA; Poly-Orth International, Sharon, MA

Abstract — Two decades after introducing threaded titanium dental implants, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark used a similar technique in the 1980s to pioneer the direct skeletal attachment (DSA) of limb prostheses. He and his colleagues used convincing clinical experience to overcome the skepticism of their peers, affording a new dimension of prosthetic rehabilitation to almost 100 individuals with amputation. As a result, more research has been initiated worldwide to move DSA to a level of greater safety, longevity, and reliability. This review highlights the trends and milestones in current DSA development. It also identifies ideas from previous studies in various fields that may be useful in future DSA development.

Key words: amputation, arthroplasty, bone, direct skeletal attachment, infection, limb amputation, osseointegration, prosthetic rehabilitation, skin, transcutaneous devices.

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