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Development of CRIS: Measure of community reintegration of injured service members

Linda Resnik, PhD, PT, OCS, et al.

This research developed a veteran-specific measure called the Community Reintegration for Service Members (CRIS) and conducted tests of validity and reliability. Earlier research identified challenges in community reintegration postdeployment. Studies of 126 veterans were conducted. The results showed that the CRIS scales were reliable and valid. Employed subjects had better CRIS scores than unemployed subjects. Subjects with posttraumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or mental health problems had worse scores than subjects without these diagnoses. We conclude that the CRIS could provide a way to monitor community reintegration outcomes of vulnerable veterans. Routine assessment of community reintegration for injured service persons could enhance patient assessment and targeting of referrals to services such as mental health, social services, and benefits.

Volume 46 Number 4, 2009
   Pages 469 — 480

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