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Design and validation of low-cost assistive glove for hand assessment and therapy during activity of daily living-focused robotic stroke therapy

Dominic E. Nathan, MS, et al.

Figure. Sensorized glove front and side views.

The Veterans Health Administration estimates that 15,000 veterans are hospitalized for stroke each year. The need for effective stroke rehabilitation increases as veterans age. Robotic therapy is promising, but integrating the hand and improving real-life relevance of these robotic therapy devices is still needed. This article details the design, development, and validation of a grasp-assistive glove for stroke rehabilitation. The glove is a low-cost measurement device that captures hand opening during real-life activities and an assistive device that facilitates hand opening and closing. Results indicate that the glove accurately measures in vivo hand opening and closing during functional tasks.

Volume 46 Number 5, 2009
   Pages 587 — 602

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