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Analysis of healthy sitting behavior: Interface pressure distribution and subcutaneous tissue oxygenation

Jasper Reenalda, MSc, et al.

Figure. Typical example of dispersion index (DI) and subcutaneous oxygen saturation (SO sub 2 sc), with identified posture shifts (t1 thru t8).

Pressure ulcers are a large problem for wheelchair users with limited trunk stability and motor function because they sit in their wheelchairs for prolonged periods without moving. Nondisabled subjects do not develop pressure ulcers during prolonged sitting because they continuously vary their sitting posture. We analyzed the sitting behavior of 25 nondisabled subjects and found that they moved about 8 times an hour. The results of this study can be used as a reference for dynamic seating devices aimed at preventing pressure ulcers in wheelchair users. Changing sitting posture at least every 8 minutes is also recommended for wheelchair users.

Volume 46 Number 5, 2009
   Pages 577 — 586

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