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Infectious complications in OIF/OEF veterans with traumatic brain injury

Birgitt Dau, MD, et al.

Military personnel serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) are at risk for infections related to traumatic injuries or infections that are endemic to the host country. This article reviews these infections, which include infections with drug-resistant bacteria such as Acinetobacter and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, as well as leishmaniasis, malaria, diarrheal illnesses, and sexually transmitted infections. We also report on infections in OIF/OEF veterans in the polytrauma unit at the Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. This information will help medical personnel caring for OIF/OEF veterans presenting with infectious diseases.

Volume 46 Number 6, 2009
   Pages 673 — 684

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