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Neuropsychiatric diagnosis and management of chronic sequelae of war-related mild to moderate traumatic brain injury

Joshua D. Halbauer, MD, et al.

Soldiers who have had a head injury can have mental symptoms grouped as (1) thinking problems: difficulties with memory, attention, talking, vision, and/or making decisions; (2) behavior problems: depression, mania, anxiety, sleep problems, and loss of interest in sex; (3) sensory losses: impaired smell, sight, and hearing; (4) physical complaints: headache and chronic pain; and (5) drug depend-ence. Mental problems are common in veterans who have been in recent Middle East conflicts and have had head injuries, but these problems can be missed with modern tests. Using an organized approach, clinicians can find and manage symptoms of mild to moderate head injuries.

Volume 46 Number 6, 2009
   Pages 757 — 796

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