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Volume 46 Number 6, 2009
   Pages 909 — 918

Abstract — Community integration: Current issues in cognitive and vocational rehabilitation for individuals with ABI

Paul Wehman, PhD; Tony Gentry, PhD, OTR/L; Michael West, PhD;* Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla, PhD

Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Abstract — In this article, we examine cognitive and vocational rehabilitation and the issues related to minority veterans with acquired brain injury (ABI). As more servicemembers are returning from conflict, ways to help them repair their lives, not only physically but also socially and economically, are increasingly needed. The challenges of ABI are multifactorial; that is, the problems are not just cognitive or emotional but spill over into community living and vocational issues. Individuals from racial/ethnic minority backgrounds often face even more difficulties. Therefore, we review the nature of cognitive and vocational rehabilitation and suggest areas for additional research.

Key words: acquired brain injury, alternative work arrangements, cognitive rehabilitation, community integration, employer supports, posttraumatic stress disorder, race/ethnicity, return-to-work, veterans, vocational rehabilitation.

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