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Methods of a multisite randomized clinical trial of supported employment among veterans with spinal cord injury

Lisa Ottomanelli, PhD, et al.

Figure. Medical evacuation of battle-injured patients across three continents typically occurs within days from injury because of sophisticated trauma systems supported by robust training and educational initiatives.

More information about the best ways to help veterans with spinal cord injury return to work is needed. Supported employment is a type of vocational rehabilitation that helps persons with disabilities get paying jobs in the community. This type of vocational rehabilitation has not been widely used and has never been tested among persons with spinal cord injury. This article describes a research study that will compare supported employment to conventional vocational rehabilitation among veterans with spinal cord injury. Veterans who participate in supported employment are expected to have more success in returning back to work than veterans who receive conventional vocational rehabilitation.

Volume 46 Number 7, 2009
   Pages 919 — 930

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