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Volume 46 Number 7, 2009
   Pages xiii — xxi

iii Masthead
vii Guest Editorial:
HHV supports creative expression as rehabilitative tool
Mike Lynch
xiii Guest Editorial:
Prosthetic and orthotic resources for communicating in a global village
Edward D. Lemaire, PhD; M. Jason Highsmith, DPT, CP; Wieland Kaphingst, Dipl -Ing
xxiii JRRD at a Glance
Scientific/Technical Articles
919 Methods of a multisite randomized clinical trial of supported employment among veterans with spinal cord injury
Lisa Ottomanelli, PhD; Lance Goetz, MD; Charles McGeough, MS; Alina Suris, PhD; Jennifer Sippel, PhD; Patricia Sinnott, PT, PhD, MPH; Todd H. Wagner, PhD; Daisha J. Cipher, PhD
931 Evaluation of wheelchair tire rolling resistance using dynamometer-based coast-down tests
Andrew M. Kwarciak, MS; Mathew Yarossi, BS; Arvind Ramanujam, MS; Trevor A. Dyson-Hudson, MD; Sue Ann Sisto, PT, PhD
939 Upper-limb joint kinetics expression during wheelchair propulsion
Melissa M. B. Morrow, BS; Wendy J. Hurd, PT, PhD; Kenton R. Kaufman, PhD; Kai-Nan An, PhD
945 Thermodynamic rigid cushion loading indenter: A buttock-shaped temperature and humidity measurement system for cushioning surfaces under anatomical compression conditions
Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD; Hideyuki Hirose, PhD; Graham Nicholson, PhD; Evan Call, MS
957 Effect of mobility devices on orientation sensors that contain magnetometers
Cynthia Kendell, BSc; Edward D. Lemaire, PhD
963 Pain and pain-related interference in adults with lower-limb amputation: Comparison of knee-disarticulation, transtibial, and transfemoral surgical sites
James Behr, MD; Janna Friedly, MD; Ivan Molton, PhD; David Morgenroth, MD; Mark P. Jensen, PhD; Douglas G . Smith, MD
973 Fascicular anatomy of human femoral nerve: Implications for neural prostheses using nerve cuff electrodes
Kenneth J. Gustafson, PhD; Gilles C. J. Pinault, MD; Jennifer J. Neville, MD; Ishaq Syed, MD; John A. Davis Jr, MD; Jesse Jean-Claude, MD; Ronald J. Triolo, PhD
985 Can pacing self-management alter physical behavior and symptom severity in chronic fatigue syndrome? A case series
Jo Nijs, PhD, PT; Inge van Eupen, OT; Jo Vandecauter, PT; Els Augustinus, PT; Geerte Bleyen, OT; Greta Moorkens, PhD, MD; Mira Meeus, PhD, PT

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