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JRRD Volume 46, Number 8, 2009

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Influence of neurological level of injury in bones, muscles, and fat in paraplegia

Yannis Dionyssiotis, MD, PhD, et al.

We found linear correlation between stress-strain index (SSI) at 14% of

Paraplegia-related alterations of body composition are very important to understand. Risk of fractures due to osteoporosis and risk of other diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems exist with a higher prevalence in patients with paraplegia. The increased percent of fat mass in the body and immobilization play a significant role in these problems. Research about body composition in paraplegia is very important to help us understand the pathophysiology of these diseases in paraplegia and to modify our therapeutic interventions in this specific population.

Volume 46 Number 8, 2009
   Pages 1034 — 1044

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