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JRRD Volume 46, Number 8, 2009

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Description of outpatient utilization and costs in group of veterans with traumatic brain injury

Beeta Y. Homaifar, PhD, et al.

Figure. Medical evacuation of battle-injured patients across three continents typically occurs within days from injury because of sophisticated trauma systems supported by robust training and educational initiatives.

Planning appropriately for the medical needs of veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a difficult task. A great deal of research exists regarding how much acute care patients use and how much this care costs, but we do not know as much about the long-term healthcare needs and costs. In addition, we do not know if factors such as the severity of the TBI or the time since injury have any relationship to the long-term needs and costs. Our aim is to describe outpatient Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare use and cost for veterans who were at least 4 years postinjury.

Volume 46 Number 8, 2009
   Pages 1003 — 1010

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