Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development (JRRD)

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JRRD Volume 46, Number 8, 2009

   Pages 1059 — 1068

Abstract — Abstract – Analyzing performance with computer access technology using unconstrained text entry protocol

Jennifer M. Smith, MS;1 Richard C. Simpson, PhD, ATP1-2*

1Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Technology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; 2Human Engineering Research Laboratories, Department of Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Pittsburgh, PA

Abstract — Recent work in human-computer interaction has demonstrated the use of unconstrained text entry protocols, which provide a more natural environment for research participants. We demonstrate the application of this approach to the analysis of word completion. Eleven participants (five nondisabled and six with disabilities) were recruited and asked to transcribe sentences using an on-screen keyboard both with and without word completion while time-stamped keystroke data were collected. The subsequent analysis demonstrates how the entire input stream (including erroneous keystrokes and the keystrokes used to correct errors) can be included in evaluation of performance with a text entry device or keystroke reduction method. Three new measures of keystroke savings are introduced, and the application of these measures is demonstrated.

Key words: assistive technology, augmentative communication, human-computer interaction, keystroke data, keystroke savings, rehabilitation, text entry protocol, text entry rate, unconstrained text input, word completion.

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