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Volume 46 Number 9, 2009
   Pages vii — x

From the Editor's Desk

Thank you to JRRD Reviewers

The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) has accomplished much in 2009, but we must start by thanking the 359 reviewers and the wonderful members of the JRRD Editorial Board who volunteer their time and knowledge to review each submission. JRRD production would not be possible without their support and enthusiasm. As always, we also thank our readership for their continued support over the past years and into 2010.

JRRD has continued to implement new editorial policies to enhance transparency in research and maintain quality standards. First mentioned in a JRRD guest editorial [1], these new editorial policies are now available on the JRRD Web site at They cover such topics as-

bullit Guidelines for contributors.

bullit Plagiarism and fabrication.

bullit Conflicts of interest.

bullit Instructions to reviewers.

bullit Clinical practice guidelines.

bullit Specific author contributions.

We are aware of the current trend of ghostwriting in scientific journals (as described in Nature [2]); however, we do not feel that this is a significant problem for JRRD because of a lack of industry funding for most submitted articles. We are also currently looking into ways to detect plagiarism in submissions and anticipate using an integration of CrossCheck and iThenticate (powered by ScholarOne) within the coming year.

The face of scientific publishing is changing once again, and JRRD continues to strive to be in the forefront of new ideas and technologies. We assist researchers by including in every published article value-added data, such as digital object identifiers and PubMed identifiers, and organizing Web site views through JRRD Topic Clusters and the "JRRD at a Glance" front matter section. A recent article in Science stated that "[scientists] use indexing and citations as indicators of relevance, abstracts and literature reviews as surrogates for full papers, and social networks of colleagues and graduate students as personal alerting services. The aim is to move rapidly through the literature to assess and exploit content with as little actual reading as possible" [3]. JRRD is actively looking to incorporate Web-based tools into the scientific conversation through RSS feeds, social networking, and online video, which we hope will be available on our Web site soon.

Currently, the JRRD Web site ( indx.html) is up and active, with a robust search engine cataloged by the Department of Veterans Affairs. All legacy material dating back to the 1964 inaugural issue is available for download. We have 5,200 articles and over 30,000 pages! We are also investigating DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) for permanent archive of all articles to avoid a hiatus if Web site problems occur. We predict over 5 million downloads of articles in PDF and HTML format for 2010.

JRRD has had one of its most successful years and is looking forward to an even better year in 2010. The journal currently has over 2,500 hard copy subscribers and 3,100 eAlert subscribers, and we distributed journal and outreach materials to five meetings and conferences last year. In 2008, we achieved our highest impact factor since JRRD's inception, garnering approximately 1,800 citations. We expect to exceed this total for 2009. Finally, JRRD is proud to announce new concerted efforts in "going green." The hard copy journal is printed by an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Printer, which means that all paper is sourced from a sustainable managed forest and the facility is powered by 50 percent wind energy. We are also endea-voring to reduce hard copy printing by promoting our open-access Web site and maintaining an updated mailing list.

Thank you to all who volunteer your time and expertise to keep JRRD excellent. We hope to continue to expand these relationships and cultivate new ones. As always, we welcome your input. Thank you.

Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD

Editor, JRRD

Johanna L. Gribble, MA

Technical Writer-Editor, JRRD

JRRD staff visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center

JRRD staff visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Front row (left to right): Molly the Pony and trainer Kaye Harris. Second row (left to right) Stacieann C. Yuhasz, Rodney P. Baylor, Charlotte M. Irby, and Maryn and Chase Rosenberg. Back row (left to right): David J. Bartlinski, Neil McAleer, Marguerite M. Montes, Johanna L. Gribble, Robert O. Williams, Tristan A. Horrom, James McAnany, and Nick Lancaster. Not pictured: Celeste T. Anderson, Lisa Finklea, Dore Mobley, Arthur Parker, Lloyd Tinker, and Rebecca Torres.

1. Yuhasz SC, McAleer J. Birth of a mission. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2009;46(4):ix-xiv. [PMID: 19882480]
2. Jones N. Ghosts still present in the medical machine. Nature. 2009;461(7262):325. [PMID: 19759590]
3. Renear AH, Palmer CL. Strategic reading, ontologies, and the future of scientific publishing. Science. 2009;325(5942): 828-32. [PMID: 19679805]
Erratum in: Science. 2009;326(5950):230.

JRRD Peer Reviewers in 2009


Harvey B. Abrams
Shahbaz Ahmed
Asqhar Akbari
Randall Alley
Gad Alon
Melissa Amick
Roger Anderson
Elena Andresen
Diane J. Atkins
Musa L. Audu
Peter W. Axelson


Suzanne Babyar
Byron Bair
Mark S. Baron
Elizabeth Bass
Barbara E. Bates
Mohammad Bayat
Morris D. Bell
Gary M. Berke
Dan Berlowitz
Gina Bertocci
Kendra Betz
C. Scott Bickel
Edmund Biden
Ryan Blanck
Bruce B. Blasch
David Blough
Richard Bohannon
Sergio Bortolini
Erin Boutwell
Mark G. Bowden
John Bowker
Douglas D. Bradha
m Olivier A. Branford
Kenneth Breuer
David M. Brienza
Teresa Brininger
Lee Brown
Lesley Brown
Marybeth Brown
Michael S. Brown
Robert Buchanan
Arjan W. P. Buis
Todd E. Burdette
Charles Burgar
Helena Burger
James Burgess
Johannes B. J. Bussmann


Evan W. Call
Jack P. Callaghan
James H. Campbell
Christopher Cardozo
Giselle Carnaby Mann
Ryan Carnahan
William Carne
Keith W. Chan
Guoqing Chen
John T. Chibnall
T. T. Chiu
Jacek Cholewicki
Tony Choppa
Li-Shan Chou
Keith Cicerone
David X. Cifu
Edward A. Clancy
Alex S. Cohen
Laura J. Cohen
Eileen G. Collins
Rose Collins
Adriana Conforto
Douglas Cooper
Rory Cooper
Laurel A. Copeland
Ellen Costello
David Crandell
Barbara Crane
F. Crawford
Richard Crilly
William J. Culpepper
Roger Cummings
Gary Cutter


Mary Dallas
Charles H. Dankmeyer
GA De Freitas Fregonezi
Patrick Dehail
Ugo Della Croce
Marlene DeMaio
Hüseyin Demir
Rani Desai
Judith Deutsch
Jason DeViva
Yhasin Dhaher
Brad E. Dicianno
Clark Dickerson
D. Clark Dickin
Marcel P. J. M. Dijkers
Dan Ding
Yannis Dionyssiotis
Laura Dipietro
Charles Drebing
John Duda
Andrew S. Dunn
William K. Durfee
Anirban Dutta


Christopher Ebner
Joan E. Edelstein
Laura Edsberg
Charlesnika T. Evans


Alfonso Fasano
R. Fazel-Rezai
Elizabeth R. Felix
David Felson
Hubert H. Fernandez
Daniel P. Ferris
Matthias Fink
Margaret A. Finley
Michael Fischer
J. F. Fleuren
Susan M. Frayne
Dustin D. French
Laurent Frossard
George Fulk
Ryoko Futami


Kara C. Gagnon
Susan L. Garber
Steven A. Gard
Jennifer H. Garvin
Mathieu Gayda
Gregory T. Gdowski
Duane Geruschat
Ronald Gironda
Layne Goble
Matthew Goetz
Stuart Goodman
Gregory Goodrich
Bart Green
Greg Greenberg
Joan M. Griffin
Shirley G. Groer
Marylou Guihan
Ranjan Gupta


Brian J. Hafner
Kerstin Hagberg
Edward D. Hall
Lisa M. Hannold
Laurie L. Harkness
Ilan Harpaz-Rotem
Deed E. Harrison
Eric Hawkins
Jeanne Hayes
Ann Hendricks
Beverly Henry
Howard Hillstrom
Melanie Hinojosa
Chester H. Ho
Michael Ho
Helen Hoenig
Neville Hogan
Christa Hojlo
Carrie Hoverman
Sandra L. Hubbard Winkler
Charles Huddleston
Ann-Marie Hughes
Stephen W. Hutchins


Cynthia L. Ingraham


Thomas W. J. Janssen
Huanguang Jia
Anton Johannesson
David W. Jordan
Neil Jordan


Derek Kamper
R. L. Kane
Andrew Karduna
Amol Karmarkar
Arthur Karshmer
Steven A. Kautz
Caroline J. Kendall
Laurence Kenney
Robert Kerns
Lee Kirby
Asha Kishore
Daniel Kivlahan
Joseph W. Klaesner
Glenn K. Klutev
Hans Knoop
Rudi Kobetic
Alicia Koontz
Sarah Krein
Arthur D. Kuo


Eugene C. Lai
Henry Lai
CE Lang
Suzanne Lareau
Nicholas G. LaRocca
Sherri Lavella
CJ Lavie
Cathy L. Lazarus
William R. Ledoux
Marjorie R. Leek
Marcia Legro
Edward Lemaire
Hyun-Kyoon Lim
Vernon Lin
Marcia C. Linebarger
Robert D. Lipschutz
Chuan-Fen Liu
Blair Lock
Patricia Longmuir
Helen Lu
Steven L. Luther
Barbara Lutz
Paul Lysaker


Matthew Maciejewski
Ana Paula Mac-Kay
Richard F. Macko
Laurence S. Magder
Mohsen Makhsous
Larry Manheim
Anthony Marsh
John McCarthy
Michael McCrea
John McDonald
Michael McKenzie
Paula M. Meek
Jasmine Menant
Paul Meyer, Jr.
Celia Michael
Deborah M. Miller
Jean Minkel
Miriam C. Morey
Francesca Morgante
David Morgenroth
Robert W. Motl
Laura Myers


Alexander Ng
Marjorie Nicholas
Kathryn Nicholson Perry
Linda Nici
Jane Nixon
Polly Noel
Candon Norton
Wolfgang Nowak
Maury A. Nussbaum


Clarissa Oliveira
Kutay N. Ordu Gokkaya
Michael S. Orendurff
John D. Otis


P. J. Palmgren
Susan E. Palsbo
Janet Patterson
Lorna Paul
Karen Perell-Gerson
Anita Perr
Elizabeth Peterson
Matthew J. Peterson
Jerrold Petrovsky
Sinikka Peurala
Klaus Pfeifer
S. R. Pierce
Mark Pitkin
Steven Pizer
Marzena Podhorska-Okolow
Leonard Pogach
Stephen Pollard
Fabian E. Pollo
Leon Poltawski
Milos Popovic
Julia Prentice


Rukmini Rajagopalan
Dan K. Ramsey
Billie Randolph
Stacie Raymer
Albert Recio
Gayle E. Reiber
Kathleen Reilly
Dean M. Reker
Sandra G. Resnick
Ian Rice
J. Scott Richards
Joshua S. Rolock
Keith Rome
Jessica Rose
John Rose
Gary Rosenthal
Robert L. Ruff


Anne Sales
Joan E. Sanders
David J. Sanderson
Mary Sarrazin
Gabrielle H. Saunders
Lumy Sawaki
Margaret S. Schenkman
Marcia J. Scherer
Lawrence W. Schneider
Kimberly Schoessow
Fredric Schroeder
Ronald A. Schuchard
William B. Seales
Rosemary Seelaus
Greg Shaw
Konstantin K. Shcherbina
Lynne Sheffler
Paul Shekelle
Hilary Siebens
S. P. Silfies
M. Barbara Silver-Thorn
Jasvinder A. Singh
Patricia Sinnott
Bridget Smith
Min-Woong Sohn
Sharon E. Sonenblum
William Spaulding
Istvan Stadler
Bonnie G. Steele
Teresa Steffen
Mike Steinman
Siobhan Strike
Thomas E. Stripling
Shawn Swanson


Eric Tam
Elizabeth Tarlov
Patricia Taylor-Cooke
Florian P. Thomas
James Toombs
John C. Townsend
Ronald J. Triolo
Thierry Troosters
Warren Tryon
Shelley Trzpuc
Martin Twiste


Jack Uellendahl


Stefan Van Drongelen
Boudewijn Van Houdenhove
Erik Van Lunteren
Linda Van Roosmalen
Rodney Vanderploeg
Pearl VanZandt
Juan Vazquez
Bruce Vogel


Mitchell T. Wallin
James Walter
Susan B. Waltzman
Donna L. Washington
Frances M. Weaver
Morris Weinberger
Andrea T. White
Eva Widerstrom-Noga
Rhonda Williams
T. Walley Williams, III
Richard H. Wilson
Erik Wolf
Xiaowu Wu


Jijie Xu


Elizabeth M. Yano


J. A. Zeni, Jr.
Xiaodong Zhang
M. Zhao
Richard ZuWallack

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