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A pilot study examining effects of group-based Cognitive Strategy Training treatment on self-reported cognitive problems, psychiatric symptoms, functioning, and compensatory strategy use in OIF/OEF combat veterans with persistent mild cognitive disorder and history of traumatic brain injury

Marilyn Huckans, PhD, et al.

Combat veterans are at risk for brain injury as well as psychiatric disorder. Therefore, many veterans return from combat with a variety of cognitive problems, such as problems with attention, memory, and organization. We designed a group treatment for Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom combat veterans with mild cognitive problems. As part of this group treatment, veterans received training in and practice with strategies and aids to help them with their cognitive problems. Following the group treatment, veterans reported that they used these strategies and that these strategies were useful to them. Veterans also reported less depression and cognitive difficulty and more life satisfaction.

Volume 47 Number 1, 2010
   Pages 43 — 60

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