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Feasibility study of home telerehabilitation for physically inactive veterans

Nancy D. Harada, PhD, et al.

Figure 1. Health Buddy device. The aim of this study was to develop and determine the feasibility of implementing a home exercise monitoring system administered through the Health Buddy (HB) text messaging device for physically inactive older veterans. We developed the text messaging intervention based on feedback from patients and clinicians through focus groups. We evaluated feasibility by administering the text messaging intervention to inpatients and outpatients ≥60 years old to determine safety, intervention adherence, and exercise adherence. We gave participants a choice between exercise monitoring by text messaging or telephone. The results showed that home exercise monitoring by text messaging and telephone is safe. Both intervention adherence and exercise adherence are better for participants using the HB than the telephone. The results demonstrate the feasibility of using text messaging to monitor home exercise adherence in physically inactive older adults.

Volume 47 Number 5, 2010
   Pages 465 — 476

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