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Novel method for measurement of fatigue in multiple sclerosis:
Real-Time Digital Fatigue Score

Figure 1. Actiwatch Score wrist-worn device (Mini Mitter, Respironics; Bend, Oregon) for recording Real-Time Digital Fatigue Scores.

Assessing fatigue, a major cause of disability in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS), is difficult because of differing definitions of fatigue, confounding factors such as loss of motivation or sleepiness, and inherent subjectivity between individuals. We developed the Real-Time Digital Fatigue Score (RDFS) to more easily measure and digitally record the daily experience of fatigue in real-time at regular time intervals. Over 3 weeks, four times a day, 49 subjects with MS recorded RDFSs on a wrist-worn device. We found that RDFSs significantly correlated with other outcome measures, captured real-time daily and circadian variations in fatigue, and provided multiple measurements of fatigue that provided statistical advantages over other outcome measures. We hope that this novel method of assessing real-time fatigue will prove to be a valuable outcome measure in clinical trials of drugs and other interventions for treating fatigue in individuals with MS.

Volume 47 Number 5, 2010
   Pages 477 — 484

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