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Using geographic information system tools to improve access to MS specialty care in Veterans Health Administration

William J. Culpepper, II, PhD, MA, et al.

Figure 1. National map of Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities offering multiple sclerosis (MS) specialty care overlaid with Planning System Support Group travel bands. MSCoE = MS Center of Excellence.

Using geographic information system (GIS) mapping tools, this study identified possible regional gaps in the Veterans Health Administration's (VHA's) coverage of multiple sclerosis (MS) specialty care based on patients' travel times to the nearest VHA facility providing MS specialty care. The GIS mapping tools allowed travel times to be compared for different "what if" scenarios, such as a new MS clinic located in facility A versus facility B. The GIS mapping tools described are new, valuable tools that can help the VHA decide where to locate new MS clinics so that access to MS specialty care might improve for hundreds or thousands of veterans with MS.

Volume 47 Number 6, 2010
   Pages 583 — 592

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