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Volume 48 Number 3, 2011
   Pages 277 — 286

Abstract —  Effects of structured vocational services on job-search success in ex-offender veterans with mental illness: 3-month follow-up

James P. LePage, PhD;1* Edward L. Washington, BA;1 Avery A. Lewis, MS;1 Kim E. Johnson;1 Elizabeth A. Garcia-Rea, PhD2

1Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) North Texas Health Care System, Research and Development Service, Dallas, TX; 2St. Louis VA Medical Center, Mental Health, St. Louis, MO

Abstract — With the high number of incarcerated veterans with mental illness and substance dependence returning to the community annually, a significant need exists for technologies that will help them return to employment. This study evaluates three methods of assistance: (1) basic vocational services, (2) self-study of a vocational manual designed for formerly incarcerated veterans, and (3) a group led by vocational staff using the vocational manual. We evaluated 69 veterans to determine the number finding employment within 3 months after enrollment in the study. The group format was expected to be superior to self-study, and self-study was expected to be superior to basic services. Though the group format was found to be superior to both self-study and basic services, the results for self-study and basic services were statistically similar. Limitations and directions for future refinement are discussed.

Clinical Trial Registration:; NCT00648115, "Evaluating Vocational Materials for Incarcerated Veterans With Mental Illness or Substance Abuse";

Key words: employment, ex-offenders, homelessness, job-search skills, manualized treatment, mental illness, substance dependence, unemployment, veterans, vocational rehabilitation.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
LePage JP, Washington EL, Lewis AA, Johnson KE, Garcia-Rea EA. Effects of structured vocational services on job- search success in ex-offender veterans with mental illness: 3-month follow-up.
J Rehabil Res Dev. 2011;48(3):277-86.

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