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Pilot study to test effectiveness of a video game on reaching performance in stroke

Ana Maria Acosta, PhD, et al.

Figure 1. Experimental setup. Arm Coordination Training 3D system* provided haptic interface to simulate various loading conditions while subjects performed arm reaching movements with avatar and game feedback. *Sukal TM, Ellis MD, Dewald JP. Shoulder abduction-induced reductions in reaching work area following hemiparetic stroke: Neuroscientific implications. Exp Brain Res. 2007;183(2):215???23.

This study is a first step toward developing rehabilitation therapies to improve arm function in people with stroke. We examined the effect of playing a fun and engaging air hockey video game compared with reaching tasks with arm display feedback during various arm weight-support conditions in a group of people with stroke. The results showed that the reaching distances achieved with the reaching task were greater than those covered with the video game. These findings highlight the importance of designing games that target specific areas of difficulty in movement to be useful for rehabilitation.

Volume 48 Number 4, 2011
   Pages 431 — 444

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Acosta AM, Dewald HA, Dewald JPA. Pilot study to test effectiveness of video game on reaching performance in stroke. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2011;48(4):431-44.

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