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Performance testing of collision-avoidance system
for power wheelchairs

Edmund F. LoPresti, PhD, et al.

Figure 3. Wheelchair sector information. Front of wheelchair is at 90??, left side at 180??.

The Drive-Safe System (DSS) is designed to help power wheelchair users avoid collisions. Therefore, it could help people with mobility impairments who also have difficulties seeing, using their arms and hands, or learning driving skills, including veterans with multiple injuries. The DSS is designed to be easily added on to an existing wheelchair. In laboratory tests, the DSS provided reliable sensor coverage all around the wheelchair and detected obstacles as small as 3.2 mm at distances of at least 1.6 m. The DSS can drive as close as 15.2 cm from a wall and go through 81.3 cm doorways.

Volume 48 Number 5, 2011
   Pages 529 — 544

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
LoPresti EF, Sharma V, Simpson RC, Mostowy LC. Performance testing of collision-avoidance system for power wheelchairs.
J Rehabil Res Dev. 2011;48(5):529-44.

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