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Small N designs for rehabilitation research

Scott D. Barnett, PhD;

Figure 2. Example of single-case data with no treatment effect (no reduc-tion in problematic behavior).

A variety of factors have been associated with back and neck pain, such as inadequate postural support, stress, and vibration exposure. Substantial evidence links vibration exposure with spinal injuries, and driving has been found to be the most common way to transmit vibration to the human body. Because wheelchair users spend long periods of time propelling their wheelchairs, they may be exposed to similar risks. Our study evaluates commercial wheelchair cushions– characteristics for reducing or amplifying vibration exposure to wheelchair users with two laboratory test methods. Among the cushions tested, the air-bladder cushions had lower vibration transmissibility than the foam- or gel-based cushions.

Volume 49 Number 1, 2012
   Pages 175 — 186

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows: Barnett SD, Heinemann AW, Libin A, Houts AC, Gassaway J, Sen-Gupta S, Resch A, Brossart DF. Small N designs for rehabilitation research. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012;49(1):175–86.

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