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Volume 49 Number 3, 2012
   Pages 405 — 426

Abstract — Strength evaluation of prosthetic check sockets, copolymer sockets, and definitive laminated sockets

Maria J. Gerschutz, PhD;* Michael L. Haynes, MS; Derek Nixon, BS; James M. Colvin, MS

Abstract–A prosthesis encounters loading through forces and torques exerted by the person with amputation. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 10328 was designed to test most lower-limb prosthetic components. However, this standard does not include prosthetic sockets. We measured static failure loads of prosthetic sockets using a modified ISO 10328 and then compared them with the criteria set by this standard for other components. Check socket (CS) strengths were influenced by thickness, material choice, and fabrication method. Copolymer socket (CP) strengths depended on thickness and fabrication methods. A majority of the CSs and all of the CPs failed to pass the ISO 10328 ductile loading criterion. In contrast, the strengths of definitive laminated sockets (DLs) were influenced more by construction material and technique. A majority of the DLs failed to pass the ISO 10328 brittle loading criterion. Analyzing prosthetic sockets from a variety of facilities demonstrated that socket perfor-mance varies considerably between and within facilities. The results from this article provide a foundation for understanding the quality of prosthetic sockets, some insight into possible routes for improving the current care delivered to patients, and a comparative basis for future technology.

Key words: amputation, carbon composite, central fabrication facility, copolymer socket, definitive laminated socket, diagnostic socket, International Organization for Standardization standard 10238, military facility, private practice facility, prosthetic materials, prosthetic socket, static failure force.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Gerschutz MJ, Haynes ML, Nixon D, Colvin JM. Strength evaluation of prosthetic check sockets, copolymer sockets, and definitive laminated sockets. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012;49(3):405–26.

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