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Participant perceptions of the use of Cywee Z as an adjunct to rehabilitation of upper-limb function following stroke

Leigh A. Hale, PhD, et al.

This article reports on a study in which we asked 14 people with stroke what their perceptions were of playing computer games with the CyWee Z controller as an adjunct to the rehabilitation of arm function following JRRD, Volume 49, Number 4, 2012 xx stroke. The participants enjoyed playing the computer games, and they thought the activity was beneficial for their arm function, concentration, and balance. Six participants did, however, report some shoulder and/or arm pain or discomfort while engaged in play, but this discomfort appeared to ease during rest. Participants provided opinions on using computer games in rehabilitation.

Volume 49 Number 4, 2012
   Pages 623 — 634

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Hale LA, Satherley JA, McMillan NJ, Milosavljevic S, Hijmans JM, King MJ. Participant perceptions of use of adapted CyWee Z as adjunct to rehabilitation of upper-limb function following stroke. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012; 49(4):623–34.

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