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Volume 49 Number 4, 2012
   Pages 545 — 556

Abstract — Initial developmental process of a VA semistructured clinical interview for TBI identification

Rodney D. Vanderploeg, PhD;1–5* Shirley Groer, PhD;2 Heather G–. Belanger, PhD1–2,4–5
1Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences and 2Health Sciences Research and Development (R&D)/Rehabilitation R&D Center of Excellence: Maximizing Rehabilitation Outcomes, James A. Haley Veterans– Hospital, Tampa, FL; Departments of 3Psychiatry and Neurosciences and 4Psychology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL; 5Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, Tampa, FL

Abstract–Identification of a remote traumatic brain injury (TBI), particularly mild TBI, is a challenge. The acknowledged standard for determining a history of prior TBI is self-report elicited through a structured or in-depth clinical interview. In April 2007, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) mandated that the four-section TBI Clinical Reminder screening instrument be completed on all individuals returning from deployment in the Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom theaters of operation (VHA Directive 2007–013). If positive, a follow-up Second Level TBI Evaluation is to be completed. For validation studies of the TBI Clinical Reminder screening process and with the long-term goal of providing a structured methodology to complete the TBI history portion of the Second Level TBI Evaluation, we sought to develop a –criterion standard– semistructured clinical TBI identification interview. This tool was developed through consultation with TBI subject matter experts and built on the strengths of existing tools in the literature. This article describes the six-step developmental methodology and presents the resulting semistructured interview and accompanying manual.

Key words: brain injury, clinical reminder, concussion, diagnostic techniques, differential diagnosis, head injury, head trauma, interview, postconcussion syndrome, rehabilitation.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Vanderploeg RD, Groer S, Belanger HG. Initial developmental process of a VA semistructured clinical interview for TBI identification. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012;49(4): 545–56.

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