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Preliminary studies on differential expression of auditory functional genes in the brain after repeated blast exposures

Manojkumar Valiyaveettil, PhD, et al.

>Figure 1. Neuropathology of auditory cortex exposed to repeated blasts. Paraformaldehyde-fixed brain samples were sectioned into 50 ??m sections and stained with Neurosilver Kit II. Two different close proximities of auditory cortex indicated as (a) and (b) in left-most panel (labeled as –Auditory cortex–) were analyzed for severity of injury in sham control ((a1) and (b1)) and repeated blastexposed ((a2) and (b2)) mice at 24 h after last blast exposure. Positive silver staining is evident in auditory cortex of repeated blast-exposed mice confirming neurodegeneration (n = 3 for sham and blast).

Repeated blast exposures of mice showed significant alteration in multiple genes involved in age- or noiserelated hearing loss. Blast exposure also showed significant neuropathology in the auditory cortex, suggesting that blast exposure damages central auditory processing systems. Differentially expressed genes include otoferlin, otoancorin, cadherins, and calcium regulating proteins/ receptors, which are known to play various roles in auditory processing and hearing impairment. Changes in hearing-related gene expression after blast exposures need to be investigated further to draw specific biochemical pathways involved in defective central auditory processing leading to auditory dysfunction and tinnitus.

Volume 49 Number 7, 2012
   Pages 1153 — 1162

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Valiyaveettil M, Alamneh Y, Miller S, Hammamieh R, Wang Y, Arun P, Wei Y, Oguntayo S, Nambiar MP. Preliminary studies on differential expression of auditory functional genes in the brain after repeated blast exposures. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012;49(7):1153-62.


Arun P, Valiyaveettil M, Biggemann L, Alamneh Y, Wei Y, Oguntayo S, Wang Y, Long JB, Nambiar MP. Modulation of hearing related proteins in the brain and inner ear following repeated blast exposures. Intervent Med Appl Sci. Forthcoming.


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