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Volume 49 Number 7, 2012
   Pages 1153 — 1162

Abstract — Preliminary studies on differential expression of auditory functional genes in the brain after repeated blast exposures


Manojkumar Valiyaveettil, PhD;1* Yonas Alamneh, MS; 1 Stacy-Ann Miller, BS;2 Rasha Hammamieh, PhD;2 Ying Wang, MD;1 Peethambaran Arun, PhD;1 Yanling Wei, MD;1 Samuel Oguntayo;1 Madhusoodana P. Nambiar, PhD1*

1Blast-Induced Neurotrauma Branch, Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, MD; 2United States Army Center for Environmental Health Research, United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, MD

Abstract — The mechanisms of central auditory processing involved in auditory/vestibular injuries and subsequent tinnitus and hearing loss in Active Duty servicemembers exposed to blast are not currently known. We analyzed the expression of hearing-related genes in different regions of the brain 6 h after repeated blast exposures in mice. Preliminary data showed that the expression of the deafness-related genes otoferlin and otoancorin was significantly changed in the hippocampus after blast exposures. Differential expression of cadherin and protocadherin genes, which are involved in hearing impairment, was observed in the hippocampus, cerebellum, frontal cortex, and midbrain after repeated blasts. A series of calcium-signaling genes that are known to be involved in auditory signal processing were also found to be significantly altered after repeated blast exposures. The hippocampus and midbrain showed significant increase in the gene expression of hearing loss-related antioxidant enzymes. Histopathology of the auditory cortex showed more significant injury in the inner layer compared to the outer layer. In summary, mice exposed to repeated blasts showed injury to the auditory cortex and significant alterations in multiple genes in the brain known to be involved in age- or noise-induced hearing impairment.

Key words: auditory functional genes, auditory process, blast injury, cadherin, hearing loss, neurotrauma, otoancorin, otoferlin, protocadherin, tinnitus.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Valiyaveettil M, Alamneh Y, Miller S, Hammamieh R, Wang Y, Arun P, Wei Y, Oguntayo S, Nambiar MP. Preliminary studies on differential expression of auditory functional genes in the brain after repeated blast exposures. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2012;49(7):1153-62.


Arun P, Valiyaveettil M, Biggemann L, Alamneh Y, Wei Y, Oguntayo S, Wang Y, Long JB, Nambiar MP. Modulation of hearing related proteins in the brain and inner ear following repeated blast exposures. Intervent Med Appl Sci. Forthcoming.


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