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Activity monitor accuracy in persons using canes

Deborah Michael Wendland, PT, DPT, CPed; Stephen H. Sprigle, PhD, PT

The aim of this study is to report strategies to configure the StepWatch device for people who use canes and to report the accuracy of the device in this population when mounted both on the leg and on the cane. A population ranging from 67 to 85 years old who use canes was used. StepWatch devices were calibrated and then validated on multiple indoor and outdoor surfaces. The leg-mounted StepWatch device had an accuracy of 93.4% across all surfaces, whereas the cane-mounted StepWatch had an accuracy of 84.7%. StepWatch accuracy when used over stairs was significantly lower than other surfaces. Activity monitoring is an important mechanism to assist with promotion of physical activity, as well as to provide feedback for cane usage. As part of an aging society, veterans display many of the same problems as all of society: decreased activity levels and comorbidities such as diabetes and subsequent skin problems. Additionally, injuries from service may result in the need for assistive devices. It is important to validate the StepWatch on a group of people who use assistive devices so that healthcare providers can take advantage of the usefulness of such monitoring to improve the health outcomes in those with mobility limitations as well as those with compromised skin.

Volume 49 Number 8, 2012
   Pages 1261 — 1268

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