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Volume 50 Number 7, 2013
   Pages 985 — 996

Abstract — Effects of 660 nm low-level laser therapy on muscle healing process after cryolesion

Natalia C. Rodrigues, PhD;1 Lívia Assis, PhD;2 Kelly R. Fernandes, MSc;2 Angela Magri;2 Daniel A. Ribeiro, PhD;2 Roberta Brunelli, MSc;3 Daniela C. C. Abreu, PhD;4 Ana Claudia M. Renno, PhD2*

1Department of Physiotherapy, Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil; 2Department of Biosciences, Federal University of São Paulo, Santos, São Paulo, Brazil; 3Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medical Sciences, State University of Campinas, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil; 4Biomechanics, Medicine and Rehabilitation of Locomotor System Department, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Abstract — The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of 660 nm low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on muscle regeneration after cryolesion in rat tibialis anterior muscle. Sixty-three Wistar rats were divided into a control group, 10 J/cm2 laser-treated group, and 50 J/cm2 laser-treated group. Each group formed three subgroups (n = 7 per group), and the animals were sacrificed 7, 14, or 21 d after lesion. Histopathological findings revealed a lower inflammatory process in the laser-treated groups after 7 d. After 14 d, irradiated animals at both fluences showed higher granulation tissue, new muscle fibers, and organized muscle structure. After 21 d, full tissue repair was observed in all groups. Moreover, irradiated animals at both fluences showed smaller necrosis area in the first experimental period evaluated. MyoD immunoexpression was observed in both treated groups 7 d postinjury. Myogenin immunoexpression was detected after 7 and 14 d. The higher fluence increased the number of blood vessels after 14 and 21 d. These results suggest that LLLT, at both fluences, positively affects injured skeletal muscle in rats, accelerating the muscle-regeneration process.

Key words: animal model, cryolesion, gene expression, histopathological analysis, laser therapy, muscle regeneration, muscle tissue, MyoD, myogenin, rehabilitation.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Rodrigues NC, Assis L, Fernandes KR, Magri A, Ribeiro DA, Brunelli R, Abreu DC, Renno AC. Effects of 660 nm low-level laser therapy on muscle healing process after cryolesion. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2013;50(7):985–96.

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