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Volume 51 Number 10, 2014
   Pages 1545 — 1554

Abstract — Cosmetic effect of knee joint in a knee disarticulation prosthesis

Fred A. de Laat, MD, PhD;1* Mark J. van der Pluijm, CPO;2 Annette A. van Kuijk, MD, PhD;3 Jan H. Geertzen, MD, PhD;4 Leo D. Roorda, MD, PT, PhD5

1Rehabilitation Center Leijpark, Libra Rehabilitation Medicine and Audiology, Tilburg, the Netherlands; 2OIM Orthopedic Services, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Department of Orthopedic Engineering, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, University of Allied Health Professions, Eindhoven, the Netherlands; 3Rehabilitation Center Blixembosch, Libra Rehabilitation Medicine and Audiology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands; 4Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands; 5Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Center, Reade, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Abstract — Despite numerous advantages, knee disarticulations (KDs) are rarely performed because of the anticipated KD prosthesis fitting problems that include the positioning of the knee joint distally from the KD socket. This results in lengthening of the thigh and subsequent shortening of the shank. The objective of this study was to assess the cosmetic effect of the knee joint in a KD prosthesis by determining the extent of the lengthening of the thigh and the shortening of the shank. This lengthening and shortening were measured through an experimental setup using laser techniques. These measurements were made of 18 knee joints used in KD prostheses. Lengthening of the thigh varied between 23 and 92 mm, and shortening of the shank varied between 3 and 50 mm. The polycentric knees Medi KH6 and Medi KHF1 showed the least lengthening of the thigh, and the polycentric knees Teh Lin Prosthetic & Orthotic Co. Ltd Graph-Lite and Medi KP5 showed the least shortening of the shank.

Key words: amputation, cosmetic appearance, knee disarticulation, lengthening of thigh, prosthesis, prosthetic design, prosthetic knee joint, shortening of shank, sitting comfort, through-knee amputation.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
de Laat FA, van der Pluijm MJ, van Kuijk AA, Geertzen JH, Roorda LD. Cosmetic effect of knee joint in a knee dis
articulation prosthesis. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2014;51(10): 1545???54.

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