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Feasibility of closed-loop controller for righting seated posture after spinal cord injury

Julie O. Murphy, BSE,, et al.

Paralysis of the hip and trunk muscles after spinal cord injury can compromise the ability to maintain an upright sitting posture. This study determined the performance of a system that detected forward trunk tilt and stimulated the hip and trunk extensors to restore erect sitting automatically. The controller enabled users to lean forward and return with significantly less effort than with no stimulation. This research is important for many paralyzed veterans who would otherwise be unable to reach forward with both hands or who rely on straps or belts to prevent falling forward in their wheelchairs.

Volume 51 Number 5, 2014
   Pages 747 — 760

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ResearcherID/ORCID: Julie O. Murphy, BSE: H-3268-2014; Musa L. Audu, PhD: H-3251-2014; Lisa M. Lombardo, MPT: H-3691-2014; Kevin M. Foglyano, BSE: C-9888-2013; Ronald J. Triolo, PhD: H-3712-2014

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