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Volume 52 Number 5, 2015
   Pages 605 — 618

Abstract — Impact of Michelangelo prosthetic hand: Findings from a crossover longitudinal study

Martina Luchetti;1* Andrea G. Cutti, PhD;2 Gennaro Verni;2 Rinaldo Sacchetti;2 Nicolino Rossi, MD1

1Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy; 2Centro Protesi INAIL (INAIL Prosthesis Center), Bologna, Italy

Abstract — This work explores the functional and psychosocial impact of the multigrip Michelangelo (M) prosthetic hand. Transradial myoelectric prosthesis users (6 men, median age: 47 y) participated in a crossover longitudinal study. A multifactorial assessment protocol was applied before the application of M and after 3 mo (functional assessment) and 6 mo (psychosocial assessment) of home use. Functional assessment included both practical tests (i.e., Southampton Hand Assessment Procedure [SHAP], Box and Blocks Test [BBT], and Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test [MMDT]) and self-report functional scales. Psychosocial assessment consisted of a clinical interview and a battery of self-report questionnaires concerning current anxious-depressive symptoms and health-related quality of life, body image concerns, adjustment and satisfaction with prosthesis, social support, coping style, and personality. Increased manual dexterity was observed after 3 mo based on improvements in the SHAP, BBT, and MMDT. Two important themes emerged from the clinical interviews at the 6 mo follow-up: (1) the enhanced functionality and (2) the "like a real hand" aspect of the M, which further increased prosthesis integration to the Self. A few patients expressed concerns about M dimension, noise, and weight. The M appeared to restore hand function and natural appearance. The present findings provide preliminary evidence, and additional studies are needed.

Key words: amputation, crossover study, functional assessment, longitudinal design, manual dexterity, multidisciplinary approach, prosthesis, psychosocial assessment, technology assessment, upper limb.

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Luchetti M, Cutti AG, Verni G, Sacchetti R, Rossi N. Impact of Michelangelo prosthetic hand: Findings from a crossover longitudinal study. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2015; 52(5):605–18.

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