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Everyday sitting behavior of full-time wheelchair users

Sharon E. Sonenblum, PhD, et al.

The goal of this study was to describe the sitting behavior of individuals who use a wheelchair. Pressure reliefs (fully unloading the buttocks, such as a depression lift or full front lean) and weight shifts (partially unloading the buttocks, such as front or side leans) were measured on 28 individuals in their everyday lives. We found that participants transferred out of their wheelchair 8 times per day, performed 0.4 pressure reliefs per hour, and performed 2.4 weight shifts per hour. Long segments (longer than 1???2 hours) without weight shifts were also common, but small in-seat movements occurred during that time.

Volume 53 Number 5, 2016
   Pages 585 — 598

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This article and any supplemental material should be cited as follows:
Sonenblum SE, Sprigle SH, Martin JS. Everyday sitting behavior of full-time wheelchair users. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2016;53(5):585–98.

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