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Psychometric evaluation of self-report outcome measures for prosthetic applications

Brian J. Hafner, PhD, et al.

Health surveys are well suited to measuring outcomes in people with lower-limb loss. Surveys allow patients to provide their views on their health and the care they receive. Information obtained from health surveys must be reliable so that it can guide clinical decisions. Results of this research can help clinicians select surveys best suited to prosthesis users and can aid clinicians in understanding the information that surveys provide about prosthesis users??? health and function.

Volume 53 Number 6, 2016
   Pages 797 — 812

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This article and any supplementary material should be cited as follows:
Hafner BJ, Morgan SJ, Askew RL, Salem R. Psychometric evaluation of self-report outcome measures for prosthetic applications. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2016;53(6):797–812.
Abbreviations:ABC = Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale, CI = confidence interval, DIF = differential item function, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, MDC = minimum detectable change, MGCFA = multigroup confirmatory factor analysis, MoA = mode of administration, NQ-ACGC = Quality of Life in Neurological Conditions–Applied Cognition/General Concerns, PEQ-MS = Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire–Mobility Subscale, PLUS-M = Prosthetic Limb Users Survey of Mobility, PROMIS = Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System, PROMIS-29 = PROMIS 29-Item Profile, SCS = Socket Comfort Score, SD = standard deviation, SEM = standard error of measurement.
*Address all correspondence to Brian J. Hafner, PhD; University of Washington, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, 1959 NE Pacific St, Box 356490, Seattle, WA 98195; 206-685-4048. Email:

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