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Volume 35 Number 4, October 1998
Pages 405 — 410

Teaching memory strategies to persons with multiple sclerosis

Daniel N. Allen, PhD; Gerald Goldstein, PhD; Rock A. Heyman, MD; Tiziana Rondinelli, BS

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Highland Drive Division, Pittsburgh, PA 15206; the School of Medicine and the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Abstract--A memory-training program previously used effectively upon persons with head-injury (HI) was conducted upon eight subjects with multiple sclerosis (MS). The program involved computer-assisted teaching of imagery-based mnemonic strategies for recall of lengthy lists of words, and for associating names with faces. Results were similar to those found in individuals with HI, but the MS subjects learned the strategies quickly, and did not appear to require the lengthy training needed by persons with HI. It was concluded that memory training of those with MS may sometimes only require teaching of mnemonic strategies without extensive practice.

Key words: cognitive rehabilitation, memory, multiple sclerosis.

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