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Vol. 35 No. 4, October 1998
Pages 48 — 59

Augmentation of the 100 kg ISO wheelchair test dummy to accommodate higher mass: A technical note

Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Thomas J. O'Connor, MS; Jess P. Gonzalez, BS; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Andrew Rentschler, BS

Abstract--Most of the 22 approved or developing ISO standards rely on a wheelchair test dummy, a specialized device described in ISO 7176-11. The purpose of this study was to develop a means for modifying the design of the ISO 7176-11 test dummy to be suitable for testing with higher masses. The changes are based upon published data for obese individuals. With this data, we derived equations for determining the distribution of the additional mass among the test dummy components, and the locations of the centers of mass. The results of this study provide guidelines for adding mass to the 100 kg wheelchair test dummy to accommodate testing of wheelchairs designed for obese individuals.

Key words: anthropometry, quality, standards, test dummies, wheelchairs.


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