Evidence-based Practice in Wound Care

The goal of the conference was to provide an effective forum for clinicians and others involved in wound care to be informed about the state-of-the-art wound care research that can be immediately translated into clinical practice.

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Please note: Some presentations contained copyrighted information or images which can not be presented at this time.
Photo of Dr. Bader

Dan Bader, PhD
London, UK
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Photo of Dr. Bauman

William A. Bauman, MD
New York, NY
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Photo of Dr. Terris

Darcey Terris, PhD, MBA
Heidelberg, Germany
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Photo of Dr. Sussman

Carrie Sussman, DPT, BsPT
Torrance CA
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Photo o Dr. Taler

George Taler, MD
Washington, DC

Photo of Dr. Brienza

David Brienza, PhD
Pittsburgh, PA
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Photo of Dr. Berlowitz

Dan Berlowitz, MD, MPH
Bedford, MA
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Photo of Dr. Kaufman

Bram Kaufman, MD
Cleveland, OH

Photo of Dr. Reger

Steven Reger, PhD, CP
Cleveland, OH

Photo of Dr. Edsberg

Laura E. Edsberg, PhD
Amherst, NY
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Photo of Dr. Davis

Stephen C. Davis, PhD
Miami, FL

Photo of Dr. Nicklas

Bonnie Nicklas, DPM
Cleveland, OH
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Photo of Ms. Pilous

Betty Pilous, RN, MHSA
Seven Hills, OH
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Photo of Dr. Stotts

Nancy Stotts, RN, EdD
San Francisco, CA
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Photo of Dr. Spurgen

Ann M. Spungen, EdD
Bronx, NY
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Photo of Dr. Robbins

Jeffrey M. Robbins, DPM
Washington, DC
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Photo of Dr. Bogie

Kath Bogie, D.Phil
Cleveland, OH
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Photo of Dr. Reiber

Gayle Reiber, PhD, MPH
Seattle, WA
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Photo of Dr. Lowery

Julie Lowery, PhD
Ann Arbor, MI
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Photo of Dr. Conner-Kerr

Theresa Conner-Kerr, PT, PhD
Winston-Salem, NC
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Photo of Dr. Wayne

Matthew Wayne, MD, CMD
Cleveland, OH
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Photo of Dr. Ho

Chester Ho, MD
Cleveland, OH
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