United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Rehabilitation Research & Development Service

Guidelines for Researchers & Opportunities for Funding

Offers VA researchers information on current solicitations as well as a source for other ORD-based awards. Also included are guidelines to help researchers submit Letters of Intent and what forms and information are required to submit a research proposal.

Rehab R&D Publications

The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) has been a leading research journal in the field of rehabilitation medicine and technology for over 40 years. Formerly the Bulletin of Prosthetics Research, JRRD debuted in 1983 to include cross-disciplinary findings in rehabilitation. JRRD, a scientifically indexed journal, publishes original research papers, and review articles, as well as clinical and technical commentary from U.S. and international researchers on all rehabilitation research disciplines.

Rehab R&D Centers of Excellence

The Department of Veterans Affairs' Rehabilitation Research & Development's Centers of Excellence are the sites of rehabilitation research. These centers attract the brightest minds from academia, industry, and medicine focused on finding research solutions to the needs of veterans with disabilities into the VA.

Rehab R&D Award Winning Researchers

The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Office of Research and Development, and Rehab R&D Service are proud of our researchers and scientists for their commitment to advancing the discovery of new knowledge to optimize rehabilitation healthcare for veterans.

Rehabilitation Conferences & Symposia

Rehab R&D Service has sponsored or participated in a variety of conferences and symposia that support and explore research activities that help our veterans and all Americans. This section presents data from past conferences and symposia and alerts researchers to upcoming events. Rehab R&D actively works with its Centers of Excellence and other rehabilitation stakeholders to promote conferences, meetings, and symposia that benefit the veteran.

Links to Sites with Information for Veterans

Rehabilitation R&D Staff